EDC: In My Purse

Some time ago, I did a post about the things I carry every day in my pockets or on my body. In it, I promised to talk about the stuff that I always keep close by but not necesarily on my body. For this purpose, I’m using the phrase “in my purse” somewhat loosely. Depending on the situation – where I am, who’s with me, what’s around me, these items might not literally be in my purse. But they’re almost always close at hand.

Ready to take a look? Here’s what I’ve got:

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Be Wary of Things Happening With No Reason

I was leaving the house to go to a meeting this morning, and my “Spidey sense” started tingling the moment I walked out the door. I dropped my keys back into my purse – when I get that prickle of unease, one of the first things I like to do is empty my hands – and scanned the neighborhood. At first, the young woman across the street didn’t look too out of place – she was youthful, attractively dressed, but she was looking at my neighbors house with an intensity that belied the innocent exterior.

Then I caught sight of the rest of them. Four more women, equally young and attractive, all trying (or so it seemed to me) to exude “innocuous”. And one very large, very tough-looking guy. The kind that has the “used to be in prison” vibe going. They weren’t particularly doing anything suspicious, any of them, but they didn’t look like they were doing anything specific, either.

And that made me suspicious.

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