The Threat You Don’t See Coming

Take a moment to think about the kinds of threats you’re preparing and training for. Got it? Good. Now, I invite you to consider a question: When danger comes, will it come in the form you imagine? Or will you fail to recognize the threat until it gets too close, because the threat that you didn’t see coming is dressed up in distressingly familiar clothes?

I was thinking about the issue of what kinds of scenarios we prepare for because of a conversation I had the other day with a friend. I used to volunteer with my local rape crisis center, and they’ve invited me to do some in-service training for them. I sat down with my friend, their volunteer coordinator, to discuss the training and, as is wont to happen, we got talking.

“One thing I see over and over,” my friend said, “is women who worry and stress and prepare for the stranger in the alley, but they don’t prepare for the friend of a friend who gets them drunk at a party. The people who seem familiar get discounted, but that’s where the real threat lies far more often than not,”

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