The Peril of Task Fixatiom

20121123-162116.jpgSo, You’ve been practicing maintaining a relaxed Code Yellow vigilance at all times, right? Always, every second? What about when you’re trying to get that coffee cup into your car’s cup holder without spilling it all over your upholstery? How about when you’re trying to load a bag into the trunk? Bending over to pick up the newspaper from the porch?

When we’re engaged in a task – especially one that requires physical dexterity or concentration, our attention necessarily locks on to that specific task. This phenomenon, called task fixation, makes sense when you think about how our brains work. But unless we’re aware of task fixation, notice when we’re doing it, and consciously re-acquire our Code Yellow state afterward, we’ve created a leak in our defenses, a place and time where we’re vulnerable. And criminals are very good at noticing and exploiting those leaks. In fact, they depend on them.

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