Steps Forward, and a Request for Book Suggestions

As I mentioned on the weekend, I’m involved with a series of women’s shooting clinics hosted by a local range. I was able to connect with the coordinator of the program today, and found out that, unfortunately, their upcoming NRA Instructor course is beyond full. We talked at some length about my goals, interests and experience, and we now have a plan. I’m going to take an NRA Range Safety Officer class that they’re putting on sometime soon (probably late October) and I’ll be at the top of the list for the next Instructor class, which will likely take place in the spring.

I’m excited to be a part of this program – which they hope to eventually grow into a monthly offering on a larger scale than they currently can staff – and looking forward to the RSO course as a step down the road for me personally.

With that said, I’ve a request of my readers who also teach shooting: Are there any good books you’d recommend? I have plenty of stuff in the “how to shoot” category in my library already, so I’m really looking for “how to teach shooting” type of books. If it’s available on Kindle, so much the better. Suggestions are most welcome…and I’ll continue to update you as this journey progresses.