Where Do You Draw the Line?

Over at Active Response Training, Greg Ellifritz has a terrific post today about where we draw the line in terms of decisions we might make in the face of a violent crime. Do we hand over our wallet? Our car? Our clothes? Our children?

These are decisions we should think about ahead of time, because prior thought and planning displaces the “fight/flight/freeze” response that arises from circumstances catching us off-guard.

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There Was A Time When There Was Just No Laughing

My friend AGirl over at A Girl and Her Gun posted this amazing, inspiring video today:

Go watch it, right now. And then thank a veteran.

To all the veterans I know: Thank you. Thank you for your service, for your dedication, for your bravery. Thank you for taking your place on the front lines and serving with courage and honor so that I can sleep at night, safe in my bed. Your courage and your sacrifice are not forgotten. And thank you to the military wives and husbands and families I know, too – I know it isn’t just our veterans who sacrifice for our liberty.