Thank You, Veterans!

20121111-080805.jpgI’ve been fighting a cold this week, but will hopefully get the posts I’ve been working on done and uploaded today or tomorrow. So if you’re wondering why things have been quiet around here, that’s the reason.

But, sick or not, I didn’t want to let today go by without thanking our military veterans for their service and dedication. I have a number of good friends who serve or served in the military, and I know firsthand the dedication, commitment and sacrifice it takes. I remember not that many years ago when one good friend had to say goodbye to her family – including the two kids whose adoptions had been finalized only weeks earlier – and board a plane to Iraq for a six-month deployment. And, living in a community with several large military bases close by, I remember how the community comes together to welcome our returning service members home, and to grieve those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation.

If you are a veteran, thank you! Your service and dedication are appreciated. If you’re not a veteran, please take a moment to be thankful for the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.

Oh, and since I didn’t quite make it online yesterday to post this, Happy (slightly belated) Birthday, Marines!

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Highway of Heroes

I’m up to my eyeballs in “real-world” stuff today, and getting ready for another women’s shooting clinic this weekend, so I thought I’d share a wonderful YouTube video with my readers.

The video, by Canadian band The Trews, speaks of the “Highway of Heroes” – the stretch of Ontario Highway 401 between CFB Trenton and the coroner’s office in my birthplace of Toronto. When the bodies of fallen Canadian soldiers are returned home, the funeral processions make their way along this hundred-mile stretch of road. Since 2002, crowds of Canadian citizens have lined the overpasses along the route and emergency services workers have taken up station along the side of the road to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers.

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