Magical Thinking

I had a challenging conversation yesterday about my interest in safety and self-defense, and the end result left me feeling frustrated and bewildered.

“I believe in the Law of Attraction“, this person declared, “and by focusing so much attention on this negative and scary stuff, I think you’re attracting danger and violence into your life. If you don’t spend so much time and energy thinking about bad stuff happening, it won’t happen.”

I was momentarily stunned into speechlessness. It was clear from the conversation that the person I was talking to genuinely believed what he was saying. It was equally clear that he had no idea how absolutely ridiculous this idea sounds to my ears. The empirical evidence is vast, it seems to me, to support the proposition that trouble finds us whether we expect it or not, and that it’s better to have it find us prepared than unprepared. And besides which, all the evidence I’ve seen suggests that being aware and confident and prepared makes us less attractive targets for the predators, not more attractive. When I’d regained the ability to talk, I said so.

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