Gear Review: Soteria Leather “Kratos” IWB Holster

20121224-155636.jpgI don’t know about you, but I appreciate gear that isn’t just functional, but that also looks good. Function is definitely important, but so are aesthetics and workmanship. I’ve never been excited by plain black Kydex holsters – they do the job, but I’ve yet to find one that qualifies as beautiful.

For that reason, I was excited to try a handmade leather holster from Soteria Leather. Soteria, the brainchild of Portland, OR-based entrepreneur and craftswoman Cerisse Wilson, produces custom-fitted leather holsters to fit just about any gun, with a dizzying array of thread and material colors and several holster styles. Cerisse’s holsters are definitely functional, but they’re also beautiful works of craftsmanship. I had high hopes for my holster after reading about them on Cornered Cat. Even still, what I got vastly exceeded my expectations.

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Gear Review: Blade-Tech Nano Holster

Since I’ve been doing a lot more shooting lately, between the classes I’m helping teach and my IDPA matches, I’ve been experimenting with gear a bit. One of the holsters I’ve been trying out is the Blade-Tech Nano that I picked up for a good price a while back. I’ve been testing it for about two weeks now  and wanted to share my thoughts.

The Blade-Tech Nano is an inside-the-waistband Kydex holster. The manufacturer’s Web site says the holster is constructed of .080 Kydex, which is thinner than their standard material but can be prone to deforming under heat, and they recommend not leaving it in a locked car where the heat may exceed 160 degrees or so. The screw attachment holding the Kydex shell together, and the snaps attaching the belt loops, all seem quite solid. In fact, I had some difficulty re-fastening the snaps once I undid them. Gun retention was quite good with this holster, with drawing and re-holstering both being easy and secure.

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