Should You Modify Your Carry Gun?

If you frequent the internet gun forums, you’ll undoubtedly see this question being hotly debated: Should you modify your carry gun? If so, what kinds of modifications are “okay” and what kinds should be avoided?

The Interwebs offer vehement arguments on both sides of the issue. “Leave your carry gun bone stock,” some people will argue. “Make any modifications and you open yourself up for a world of legal hurt if you ever have to shoot someone.” Other people will argue just as stridently that any modification which improves the gun is fair game and the legal system be damned. “It’s obvious,” they cry. “I’m going to do what makes my gun work for me, and if a jury’s too stupid to understand why I did it, that’s their problem!”

Unfortunately, if you land in court following a deadly force encounter, that’s going to become your problem. And you can safely bet that the sort of people who read blogs like this one and know something about guns probably won’t be on your jury.

So where’s the happy medium? What modifications can you make to your carry gun? Which ones should you stay away from?

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An Interesting Take on Gun Ownership

Over on his excellent blog, Stately McDaniel Manor, Mike McDaniel has a terrific 7-part series about the why and how of owning firearms. Mike speaks and writes from the perspective of a 20-year career in law enforcement, and so he clearly knows of what he speaks.

One snippet which resonated with me, having been a victim of violence multiple times in my own life:

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