Choosing The Right Gun for Women

20121104-150608.jpgI don’t know why I torture myself with the Internet gun forums. I really don’t, because the amount of misinformation and downright ignorance I find there is simply amazing. Take the discussion I read a couple of days ago, for example. Someone asked a question that seems to come up every other week or so: “What kind of gun should I buy for my girlfriend?”

Now, I have my own thoughts and issue with this question, but what provoked my ire wasn’t the question, but was one of the responses posted in the thread. “Buy her a .38 revolver,” the poster advised, “because with a semi-auto she might forget to chamber a round, and then what will she do? Throw the gun at the bad guy?”

In other words, in this individual’s view, women are simply too stupid to learn to shoot semi-automatic pistols.

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Care and Feeding of our Tools

20120909-192314.jpgSince I’ll be getting my new bow in the next few weeks, I’ve been doing some reading online about the proper care and feeding of a compound bow. I’m learning about the importance (or not, depending on who you ask) of waxing the strings and cables. I’m learning about the parts that need to be inspected and replaced regularly, about the annual tune-up that bows should get. Thinking about this, and about a recent experience at the range, got me to thinking about how we care for our tools.

I was at the range a few months ago when I overheard the person next to me talking to his companion. He was taking a Glock 19 out of a gun case, and he commented (fairly loudly) that it had been close to a year since he’d cleaned the gun. He loaded up and set up his target, took aim, and squeezed off a few shots. BANG! BANG! Click!

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