Should You Modify Your Carry Gun?

If you frequent the internet gun forums, you’ll undoubtedly see this question being hotly debated: Should you modify your carry gun? If so, what kinds of modifications are “okay” and what kinds should be avoided?

The Interwebs offer vehement arguments on both sides of the issue. “Leave your carry gun bone stock,” some people will argue. “Make any modifications and you open yourself up for a world of legal hurt if you ever have to shoot someone.” Other people will argue just as stridently that any modification which improves the gun is fair game and the legal system be damned. “It’s obvious,” they cry. “I’m going to do what makes my gun work for me, and if a jury’s too stupid to understand why I did it, that’s their problem!”

Unfortunately, if you land in court following a deadly force encounter, that’s going to become your problem. And you can safely bet that the sort of people who read blogs like this one and know something about guns probably won’t be on your jury.

So where’s the happy medium? What modifications can you make to your carry gun? Which ones should you stay away from?

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Do You Break Knife Clips?

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve brown another knife clip.

You see, I carry my knives in my pants pockets, on the inside of the pocket and clipped to the front of the pocket. This does a good job of holding the knife where I can access it quickly, without it rattling around in my pocket too much.
Except that twice in recent weeks, I’ve caught the clip on something and broken it. Once it was my Spyderco Endura, whose clip caught on the back of a chair when I stood up. The force applied to those little T-6 Torx screws was enough to rip all three of them out of the Zytel handle, where they promptly disappeared into the carpet never to emerge.
Today it was the Gerber F.A.S.T. Draw that took the hit, catching on a sliding door when I went outside to throw trash away. The screw holes on the Gerber’s handle are reinforced, so the screws didn’t rip out. Instead, the clip itself fractured into two neat pieces. Once again, my trusty Torx screwdriver removed the broken pieces, and Gerber is hopefully sending me replacement hardware. It’s inconvenient, but I have other ways to carry the F.A.S.T. Draw, and I have another knife, so it’s not the end of the world. But it’s definitely getting boring and annoying to keep having to replace the stupid clips.
So, I’m curious: How do you carry your knives to avoid this problem? Or are there other knives whose clips are less likely to break? I’ve been reasonably happy with both my Spyderco and the Gerbers, but I’ve also seen some worthy objects of lust in the CRKT catalog which arrived in today’s mail. (This and this, for example.) And while we’re at it, what’s your current favorite EDC knife? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

EDC: In My Purse

Some time ago, I did a post about the things I carry every day in my pockets or on my body. In it, I promised to talk about the stuff that I always keep close by but not necesarily on my body. For this purpose, I’m using the phrase “in my purse” somewhat loosely. Depending on the situation – where I am, who’s with me, what’s around me, these items might not literally be in my purse. But they’re almost always close at hand.

Ready to take a look? Here’s what I’ve got:

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EDC: In My Pocket

A few people have asked me what I use for my everyday carry gear. This will be the first of two posts, about the gear I routinely carry on my body. In the next post, I’ll talk about stuff I routinely carry in my purse.

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