Welcome! You’ve found “Mom With a Gun”, a blog about shooting, self-defense, armed carry and related topics for women.

I’m Tammy, your host on this journey. I’m a freelance writer and novelist, a paralegal and mediator, living in coastal California. I began this blog to talk about my own evolution as relating to my decision to take responsibility for my own safety and the safety of my loved ones. Like it or not, the simple reality is that women are too often victims of crime and, for the most part, we are unable to prevail over male opponents in a direct force-on-force confrontation.

A gun is the one tool that we can count on to even up the score a bit.

I’ll talk more about myself and the experiences that led me to the decision to arm myself in the blog, as well as share my gleanings and thoughts about equipment, tactics, and both the sport and politics of shooting. Guest articles, questions, ideas for posts, etc. are all welcome. You can reach me at tammy@momwithagun.com.

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