A Free eBook for MWAG Readers

1382561_47291255A friend and regular reader who calls herself MamaLiberty, made a generous offer in a comment to my post the other day about training and “unusual attitudes”. I wanted to call out her offer here for those who might have missed it.

Here’s what she wrote:

I want to make sure all of your readers know that they can have a free copy of the entire book just by sending an email to mamaliberty at rtconnect dot net – replace the at and dot with appropriate symbols and eliminate the spaces. Put “self defense” in the subject line to send it to the right filter for fastest reply.

The book, “I Am NOT A Victim” contains the story of the man I had to shoot to save my life, and all of the exercises I use to ensure that I am prepared as much as possible never to be a HELPLESS victim. :)

I’ve read MamaLiberty’s book. It’s a great primer and an easy, compelling read, and her story illustrates that trouble can, and does, find us anywhere, even in the places we think we’re safe. My heartfelt thanks to her for making this generous offer to my readers.

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  1. How wonderful to have so many requests already when I logged on this morning! Please don’t hesitate to ask for the book. I’d like to share it with everyone in the world, especially with women who are in any way kept helpless and afraid. The most recent news regarding the women of India makes my heart ache with the desire to share this with them.

    I hope each of us will become an ambassador for self ownership and self responsibility, to help others see that it is not only the right thing to do, but is possible even if their friends and families don’t understand yet.


  1. […] is a firearms instructor who knows firsthand about the reality of armed self-defense. (I featured an offer for a free copy of her e-book here a while back). I’m delighted that she’s agreed to […]

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