Making the Choice

I was pointed to a great blog today and have spent quite some time perusing archives. Lynne at Female and Armed writes from the perspective of a woman who’s an armed citizen, firearms and self-defense instructor, and the co-founder of the (totally awesome) National Take Your Daughter to the Range Day initiative.

I found a short and sweet post in Lynne’s archives about the decisions we make in living an armed life: The decision that our lives are worthy of protecting, and that we will give ourselves the capacity to fight back if we or our loved ones are in jeopardy and avoidance or escape are impossible.

I am reminded of something I read (I forget where, though it might have been on Cornered Cat) to the effect that, if a predator decides that he or she is going to engage in a violent encounter with us, he or she is deciding that it’s okay if someone is killed or seriously injured. In that case, being prepared to defend ourselves enables us to make the decision that the the “someone” isn’t going to be us or our loved ones.

Administrative note: I’ve added a few more great blogs, including Lynne’s, to the link list on the right side of the home page. I invite and encourage you to check them out.

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